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If you are allergic certain foods, let us know before placing your order.


Noodles – wheat flour, salt, sodium carbonate, powder egg Miso sauce – Soy bean paste, peanut butter, sesame, soy sauce, mirin sake
Ginger Home made soy sauce (shoyu)– soy sauce, mirin sake, Mongolian salt, dry shrimp, dry scallop, dry kelp, dry mushroom, dry bonito Pork broth – pork bones Chicken broth – chicken bones, dry kelp, dry mushroom, dry bonito, onion
Pork charshuPremium Berkshire pork belly (黒豚) Chicken charshu – free range chicken thigh (地鶏)
Topping– bamboo shoots from Japan Tree mushroom from Japan Seaweed from California Egg from local
Gyoza – ground pork or shrimp and cabbage, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, black pepper Salad dressing – soy sauce, olive oil, sesame paste


Old fashioned Japanese style noodle soup, sliced stewed meat, egg, seaweed, some vegetables on top.
Our noodles -Thick, Thin, Wavy Noodle, Whole Wheat noodle or Bean noodle (Gluten free and low calorie).
We use Premium Berkshire Pork topping. Pork charshu may be substituted with Free Range Chicken charshu or Brown Tofu


Pork Broth

Half Pork broth + Half Chicken broth

  • Kambi

    Soy sauce flavor

  • Kambi Sio

    Salt & roast garlic flavor


Pork broth only

  • Basic

    Salt & roast garlic flavor

  • Shoyu

    Home made soy sauce


Chicken Broth

Chicken broth seasoned with dry kelp, dry bonito and dry mushroom

  • Wahoo

    House soy sauce flavor, pork or chicken

  • Wahoo Sio

    Salt flavor, sliced pork or chicken

  • Tanmen

    Big portion of vegetables

Miso Ramen

Miso (Soy Bean Sauce)

Half Pork broth + Half Chicken broth

  • Miso Ramen

    Sautéed vegetables with miso sauce
    We use special house sauce, soy bean sauce, peanut butter, sesame and more.

R-Vegetable-Miso Ramen
Vegetable Miso

Vegetable Broth

No pork, no chicken, no fish.

  • Vegetable Miso

    Vegetables & tofu

Spicy Miso


  • Spicy Basic

    Pork broth

  • Spicy Miso

    Salt & roast garlic flavor

  • Kimchi Miso

    Salt & roast garlic flavor


Extra order of noodles

  • Extra half size noodles

  • Extra full size noodles


Extra order of topping

  • Nori (Seaweed)

  • Egg (Half) / Scallion

  • Bamboo / Tree Mushroom / Cabbage / Corn

  • Beansprout (Boiled)

  • Pork or chicken Charshu

  • Small kimchi / Pork or chicken Charshu

  • Soup

    $2.00 – $4.00
Tokyo Tsukemen
Charshu Don
  • Tokyo Tsukemen

    Special Tokyo Thick Noodle

    $13.00 up
  • Charshu Ramen

    Extra charshu for Ramen

    $17.00 up
  • 15. Veggie Mountain

    Tokyo style extra vegetables

    $14.50 up
  • Charshu Don

    Extra charshu pork over rice with small soup

  • Experimental Ramen

    (for example: Pan fried Ramen, Tomato Ramen, etc.)

    Market Price
Homemade Pork GYOZA
  • Homemade Pork GYOZA

    Pan fried pork & vegetable dumpling

  • Homemade Shrimp GYOZA

    Pan fried shrimp & vegetable dumpling

  • Edamame

  • Bean sprout Salad

    Soy sauce dressing

  • Radish Salad

    Sesame dressing

  • Tofu

    Cold bean curd

  • Kimchi

    Korean style pickled Asian cabbage

  • Bowl of steamed white rice

Beer and Soda
  • Beer

    Asahi, Sapporo 12FL OZ

  • Orion Beer

    L size

  • Sake Shochikubai

    180 ml. smooth draft Sake from California

  • White Wine

    187 ml. Italian, Pinot Grigio

  • Red Wine

    187 ml. Italian, Valpolicells

  • Plum Wine

  • Soda

    Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pellegrino (carbonated water)